According to the Gallup Management
Journal’s Employee Engagement Index:
  • only 29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs
  • 54% are not engaged
  • 17% are actively disengaged

As you may have noticed, the way we're working together is no longer working. You need new strategies for a leadership approach that maximize your team's creative problem-solving potential, resulting in lasting change.

Integrative Leadership Strategies is passionate about authentic leadership - the kind that turns a vision into reality by leveraging the power of team. And doing so in a sustainable, human-centric way. Our leadership approach is designed to serve organizations and individuals who are ready for a level of coaching and training for leadership that reinvents the way you work together so that you can solve your toughest problems.

Our background training in engineering and coaching combine to offer you a systems-focused leadership approach based on integrative, collaborative, and sustainable principles.

In these two powerful 1-hour recordings, you will learn what it takes to play a win-win leadership game.