We will work closely with you to customize an on-site workshop that best suits your team’s needs. We can create a unique workshop or tailor one of our workshops below for your team.

Authentic Leadership
Learn about The Nine Elements of Authentic Leadership in this full- or half-day course that will awaken you to the true meaning of leading effectively.

Cultivate awareness and learn what the symptoms and consequences of disconnect are and what it takes to truly connect with others.

New Manager Training
You’ve mastered the technical skills, but now your role depends on the intangible nuances of dealing with people.  Learn how to let go of the technical work and plug into your people.

Crossing the Generation Gap
Understand how different generations work together and understand each other effectively.  Learn how to engage and leverage your young employees.

Developing Others
If you’re in charge of someone else’s professional growth, discover how to best handle that opportunity.

Team Building
Is your team butting heads?  This intensive workshop will guide your team in developing more effective ways of collaborating.

Stuck in the box?  We can facilitate an expansion of your thinking.  Walk away with a bigger picture of what’s possible for your business, team or project.

If your team is suffering from a loss of motivation or general feelings of ‘blah’, this workshop can reignite the fire by tapping into your people’s inherent creativity.