The biggest thing I've gained as a result of coaching is more confidence in my ability to start a business and to expect that there will be ups and downs. That doesn't mean that I'm not able to be successful or don't deserve to be successful, it just means I need to readjust my habits and my beliefs.

Using Liz as a sounding board for some of the thoughts and ideas going through my head was really helpful. Also having the dedicated time twice a month to focus on what was going on inside of me was extremely helpful in pushing me to deal with my issues rather than avoid them until it was too late.

Working with Liz on my issues around starting a business helped to give me the perspective I needed to pursue my goals with intention. She helped me gain the clarity I needed to move forward with confidence. Her soft-spoken style is helpful for those who want gentle nudging in the direction of their dreams.

                        -  Neha G., Marketing Business Owner, San Francisco, CA

The biggest thing I gained from coaching was a realization of personal responsibility and a feeling of empowerment.  In other words, I am responsible for myself and my actions and I have to look to myself to do the things I want to.  And if I am finding it difficult to do something, then I need to examine whether it is something that I want, or if it is something I am doing for others or for convention.

I found that having a sounding board was helpful because it caused me to think of things or realize things that were otherwise subconscious. 
Though I hired Liz to help me finish a specific project, I know that she has helped me with so much more – from methods and tools for getting a task done, to life goals and self-reflection.  I really like having a coach - it's a great support and I'm glad that I had that experience.

                        -  Caitlin C., Architect, San Francisco, CA

On my own I struggled to decide how to approach my career and life.  Talking with friends can be comforting, but I've realized that friends give advice that works for them and not necessarily for me.  With Liz, I truly discover myself.  She is professional and yet very personable, and patient enough to let you find your own answers.

                        -  Michael L., Engineer, Pasadena, CA

Working with Liz has helped me clarify my goals and my actions, which has helped me make tremendous strides in accomplishing things, both in my career and personal life.  The biggest shock has been that I've realized it's ok to be 'intolerant' of things that hamper my ability to live the life I want to live--and with these things swept away, it's easier to focus on what I need to do to succeed.

                        -  Will T., MBA Candidate & Freelance Product Designer, East Bay, CA

My work with Liz has really helped me focus on what is important in my business, and what I need to do to keep that focus.   Working with her for several months, I have a new business plan, and a way to keep my daily and weekly schedule working.  
As an entrepreneur, I have always found that my passion is wonderful, but it often gets in the way of actually running a business.  Being coached, and having someone to be accountable with, and who asks for deliverables in terms of my plans, goals and tasks is great.  And I shall continue to use her as a sounding board, but also as the lead in my keel to keep me sailing in the right direction, which is success in life!

I have also had success in working with clients, since they now understand that I have a structure to my work, and are willing to let MY schedule and MY structure drive my interactions with them, instead of being at their whims! This has been so powerful.

                        -  Matthew C., Entrepreneur, San Francisco, CA

Liz is a skilled professional.   Besides being focused and supportive, she identified my issues with the deftness of a magician’s sleight of hand.  Before I knew it, my issues were clear and her work was done. 

                        -  Pat N., Engineer, San Jose, CA

"Liz, what a delight to work with you!  I started the coaching process feeling as if I knew I could do more for myself in terms of my business but I felt lost at how to do so. Even after just one session with you, I felt a surge of confidence and finally had a plan to implement! You are an amazingly supportive coach with great insight. I am a strong believer in “what you put in, you get out” and after my time working with you and receiving your support, my business is on its way to thriving. Thank you so much, Liz!"

                        -  Catherine Z., co-Founder of Crave Health

I came to coaching to gain clarity on my business direction and operational efficiency.  I met these goals and met new goals we created during the sessions.

I gained awareness about my tendency to procrastinate and why.  Understanding why I was doing this helped me to know myself a lot better.  This in turn allowed me to have conscience control of my behavior rather than my subconscious running my life.  I also learned how to better organize my thoughts and time schedule.

One of my original goals was to gain a better sense of direction for my business.  With the recent success of my new marketing system, I’ve done that. 

I suppose I was expecting Liz to provide lots of advice and info on things I should be doing, sort of a “best practices” approach.  The exact opposite happened.  Instead of the external input approach, we went inside of me to look for solutions.  I learned how to do that for myself, not an easy task.

I am completely sold on coaching as the best way to get the unnecessary obstacles of life out of the way.  By helping me to look inward to find answers to my questions I was able to make real progress in a very short period of time. 

                        -  Jason S., Certified Public Accountant, San Francisco, CA

My experience with Liz has been very good. I feel that she has good insight and that we relate to each other very well. The in-session discussions and preparational homework have been great for me in terms of clarifying my goals and alleviating my anxiety. The actions that we came up with have been productive, too. I'm happy to say that this experience as a whole enabled me to develop powerful insight into myself that'll likely benefit me for years to come.

So, I would recommend Liz's coaching to anyone looking for clear goals and ways to get to them.

The moment I realized that inner peace was my true goal and most powerful source of motivation was a turning point in my life. My new found sense of direction and purpose make me feel like a whole new person. I learned so much about confidence, fulfillment and leadership -- not in terms of position, title, responsibility or authority, but in terms of my role in my own life and in community. I feel in charge now no matter what I do. It's such a wonderful feeling that no words can really do it justice.

                        -  Zheng L., Software Engineer, Mountain View, CA

I first began coaching with Elizabeth back in May.  I had been looking for help mostly in my professional world, growing my practice and getting clear on where I want to be in the next 6 months.  She got my mind working on what I wanted to focus on before our first session with a welcome email that contained a list of questions to consider, answer and email back.  This first step was very helpful because I felt that every minute of our first session was well-used without floundering for answers in a "getting to know each other" kind of way.  She is focused on visions, goals and actions and she lives it!  She knew where I was coming from and I walked away from our session (actually, hung up the phone) with a sense of clarity and accomplishment from just 50 minutes with her.  She was present with me and caring as she asked some difficult questions that I would not have been able to ask myself.  I now see these answers and the process of getting there are pure gold in my development as a health care provider.

Since that first session, I have continued with weekly sessions over the phone (this makes it so easy to show up and not have to get to another part of town on my breaks or after work).  We have identified mostly where I need to take action.  One week in june I remember clearly what I had set forth as my goal and action for the week.  Sure enough, that week I had 7 patient referrals come in.  The work just gets deeper as she meets me wherever I am at, asking the hard questions so I can see myself for who I am now and who I want to be in the future.  Being such an independent individual and owner of my own business, I find it very valuable to have accountability and action items to work on each week to keep me motivated and moving forward with my goals and dreams.

                        -  Adam W., Founder and Director of Middle Path Acupuncture

"Liz is a patient and trusted listener who takes a sincere interest in helping me improve the personal relationships that are important to me. By following her insightful advice and with her constant encouragement, I have become a more effective communicator and problem-solver with friends and co-workers. I now have the confidence to reach out to people and to initiate difficult conversations."

                        -  William B., MBA Candidate & R&D Engineer, Menlo Park, CA

"I found Liz while in the throws of making a critical career decision. I was finding it difficult to make a change even though I knew it was long overdue. Liz allowed me to sort through the conflicting emotions I was feeling at the time so I was able to define and address my roadblocks. Her quiet understanding and thoughtful comments were an invaluable resource and truly helped me turn a corner in my life."

                        -  Laurel M., San Francisco, CA

"Working with Liz was an invaluable experience. She made me think about the things in my life in ways that wouldn't have occurred to me on my own. She helped me work through things by guiding the conversation and asking key questions, not by telling me what I should or shouldn't do. The coaching session helped me figure out on my own, what I really wanted, why, and what to do about it. I was skeptical of coaching at first, but the session empowered me to move forward with a lot of negative things in my life that otherwise would have lingered."

                        -  Emily S., New York, NY


Liz, thank you so much for working with my business team.  The mind mapping exercise you shared with us was so powerful in helping us to see what’s important to us and what we need to do to achieve our goals.  With your goal setting guidelines, our team members are now implementing steps to achieve both their personal and professional goals.  Thank you again!

                        -  Amy K., Mona Vie

Liz created a program that illustrated the importance of each Element and allows every individual to begin using the Nine Elements the instant they leave the room.  Liz fostered a warm, creative and open environment for the entire group to explore the Nine Elements together. The Nine Elements of Authentic Leadership touches all parts of your life, and I look forward to continuing my education with Liz and truly becoming an authentic leader.

                        -  Vanessa D., Women Leaders in Action

Liz’s presentation was compelling, useful, and fun!  Liz worked closely with our meeting coordinator to tailor her presentation and make it applicable to our group of financial planners.  Her presentation encouraged us to consider how we work with our clients and offered methods to increase effectiveness.  Liz’s seminar was instructive and thought-provoking.  She had a wonderful way of delving into her material with commitment and sincere interest in her audience.  The questions she asked along with the exercises carried out during the session gave us a better understanding of the techniques and how to apply them with our clients.  The end result was a very satisfied group of financial planners ready to utilize the methods and have more successful client relationships. 

                        -  Eileen E., CFP, NORCAL

I worked with Elizabeth to organize a talk for a networking event in which the challenge was to find a topic that would engage both professionals and collegiate members of a non-profit. Elizabeth had a number of topics which might work, and provided me with information on the structure of each talk. Her high level of commitment to the presentation we decided to go with, and passion for the topic was transparent. She is energetic and friendly, yet focused and professional, which is why it's no surprise that she is able to quickly engage the audience. My experience working with Elizabeth was memorable, and I would recommend her to speak to other groups.

                        -  A. Virk, Society of Women Engineers

Anonymous Feedback from Leadership Training Programs

I really liked how the approach to leadership was taken. Looking at the different qualities that makes up a leader helped me to expand my vision, not only in terms of leadership but all aspects of my life. Being able to look at a leader in a different perspective allows me to see leadership qualities where one may not expect them to be.

This leadership seminar series provided a comprehensive high-level view of leadership. It is a great seminar to get me thinking about what leadership means to me and start practicing leadership in my daily life. Plus it strongly complimented couple other leadership courses that I'm taking or have taken.

This class has helped me discover the leader I once was and now realize I still am! I am anxious to put my newly added skills and knowledge to the test. I know I will be a better leader and I will refer my future teammates to the teleconference so we can build a successful team of leaders!

The leadership seminar inspired me to make my sole proprietorship even better. Listening to the other participants was helpful and enlightening. The topics and exercises in the workbook were useful in expanding my point-of-view in how I approach my work and personal life. Liz's skill at guiding the group and offering feedback made the sessions a valuable learning experience.

Liz takes a great deal of pride in her work and it shows. The leadership seminar was a great opportunity to reflect my own thoughts on leadership and what it means to me to be and act as a leader. Leadership means something different to each of us, but it was a welcome experience to learn from the other participants and codify my own thoughts on leadership. I do know that I will never think about leadership in the same way after having participated in the Leadership Teleconference Series. Thanks Liz!