Bring us in for an in-depth analysis of your company’s leadership and communication issues. Sustainable solutions come from addressing the true underlying causes of a problem rather than treating the symptoms. Our team can get you to a deeper level of understanding and then help you develop insightful answers in the following areas.

Meeting Facilitation
Thinking of holding an offsite meeting for your team? Having a neutral facilitator to keep the team on track can make or break the results you achieve in your rare time together away from the daily grind.

Systems and Processes
Is your business working as efficiently as it could be?  We will partner with you to analyze your in-place processes and systems to identify and implement more efficient solutions that maximize results.

Generation Y
Having trouble keeping your younger employees engaged?  We will delve deeper into the problem and teach you how to earn the loyalty of your future leaders.

Incentive Programs
Are you rewarding behaviors that you value? Are your incentive programs working?  Are they causing any unintended side effects? Take an inventory of your performance assessment programs and get recommended revisions that will align better with your company’s performance goals.

Conflict Resolution
Has something happened among your team that’s led to infighting and resentment?  This is a destructive, downward spiral.  Get advice on what steps to take to correct the divergence from your mission and how to prevent it in the future.