Disengaged Engineer

Many times engineers or designers will feel a certain loss of motivation and direction in their life, especially after working at a certain level or for the same organization for a few years.  In college, they were primarily driven by getting good grades, however now without that factor, they struggle to find a real source of motivation.

Zheng came to coaching with many of these common concerns.  Zheng has been a software engineer for eight years, changing jobs several times.  When Zheng came to coaching she had been at Data Robotics, Inc. for the last year and a half.  She was feeling disconnected from her life resulting in a loss of motivation and lack of direction in her work.  She was looking for a way to create space in her life to be able to get inspired and creative rather than deadline- and anxiety-driven.  She had been debating between leaving her current firm for another to see if that would change how she felt but decided that she would try coaching as a preliminary option.

To address Zheng’s concerns, the coaching process centered around intense introspection and reflection so she could create the emotional space she needed to feel motivated, innovative and in charge of her life.  Zheng reconnected to who she was and came to understand herself on a deeper, more peaceful level.

By working with a coach, Zheng transformed.  The most important transformation she achieved was that she now realizes the direction and motivation she was looking for would come from within her rather than from outside sources.  She recognized that a promotion or a new firm was not going to help her feel more connected to who she was. 

Listen to Zheng personally speak about the change she has felt in her life: “My new found sense of direction and purpose makes me feel like a whole new person. I learned so much about confidence, fulfillment and leadership – not in terms of position, title, responsibility or authority, but in terms of my role in my own life and in my community. I feel in charge now no matter what I do.”

If you’re interested in bringing coaching to the engineers in your organization so they feel motivated and truly connected with the organization’s core values, contact us.