Forming a New Team

How one onboards a team can be one of the most critical times to inspire motivated employees. Setting the right tone and expectations helps the team start off on the right foot and skirts any potential miscommunication issues.

Seth L., Founder Director Tutorpedia came to Integrative Leadership Strategies to have a customized workshop developed to effectively onboard his new team of tutoring leaders.  Seth was committed to creating an atmosphere of empowerment and alignment and he looked to Integrative Leadership Strategies to help.   In the past, lead tutors didn’t display much ownership over their duties.  They weren’t connected to the mission of Tutorpedia, and overall academic results weren’t as profound as Seth knew was possible.  Seth was ready to have his company start producing stronger results and his lead tutors were essential for this.

The training workshop, custom designed for Tutorpedia, centered on developing a collaborative process for working together as a team.   According to Seth, “I was encouraged to be much more collaborative in my approach to not only my meetings, but also in managing Tutorpedia in general.  I found it helpful to think about ownership and alignment around a problem and its solution.” Integrative Leadership Strategies led the team through a workshop to align around Tutorpedia’s mission and philosophy and a strong discussion about how the tutors wanted to work together as a team.

By working with Integrative Leadership Strategies, the employees at Tutorpedia had learned a whole new language and method for working together.  They felt more empowered to step up and take ownership of projects they were passionate about.  Seth also learned how to continue fostering a collaborative environment after the workshop ended.

Hear Seth speak about how his employees were impacted from the experience:  “Every tutor commented that they loved the collaboration approach, they loved being in charge of something, and owning a project or two.  They seemed more engaged and willing to help out when they knew they could direct their work and be accountable to themselves, as well as to me.”

If you would like more information about how Integrative Leadership Strategies can create a training workshop that is custom designed for your organization’s needs, contact us.