Transition into Technical Management

When an engineer becomes a manager, they often find the transition difficult as managing others is not a skill that is developed while being an engineer.  Often, a new manager experiences a huge shift in their core responsibility without much prior training on how to motivate and lead a team.

Mario came to Integrative Leadership Strategies for training on how to become a more effective manager.  After being an engineer for several years, Mario was promoted into a manager role with his move to Google.  In this new role, he discovered that interpersonal communication – rather than technical issues – became his main focus—an area he didn’t have as much experience or confidence in.

Mario’s training plan centered on exploring The Nine Elements of Authentic Leadership and designing his own personal plan of action to develop thenine elements.  The leadership training was something he wished he had received upon becoming a manager.  With the workload, it’s easy for managers to focus on the technical deliverables rather than developing an openness and personal connection with their team.

By working with Integrative Leadership Strategies, Mario became more aware of how to build trust with his team as well as ensure he engaged the engineers on his team.  Having a specific action plan as well as having a safe sounding board was critical to him developing a management style that was more effective and inspiring.

Hear Mario speak about what he learned from his experience: ““I learned that as a manager I need to spend less time doing actual technical work, and be more open to people.  Before, I was so busy doing technical work that people perceived I didn’t care about them.  I have learned to lessen my load to leave time to work with people more.”

If you would like more information about how Integrative Leadership Strategies’ training program can ensure that your engineers transition seamlessly to being effective managers, contact us.