Elizabeth has worked with many people on realigning their skills, responsibilities, and actions with natural sources of motivation and expertise.  Read about three such cases, below.

Transition into Technical Management

When an engineer becomes a manager, they often find the transition difficult as managing others is not a skill that is developed while being an engineer.  Often, a new manager experiences a huge shift in their core responsibility without much prior training on how to motivate and lead a team.

Mario came to Integrative Leadership Strategies for training on how to become a more effective manager.  After being an engineer for several years, Mario was promoted into a manager role with his move to Google.  In this new role, he discovered that interpersonal communication – rather than technical issues – became his main focus—an area he didn’t have as much experience or confidence in. 

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Disengaged Engineer

Many times engineers or designers will feel a loss of motivation and direction in their life, especially after working at a certain level or for a certain organization for a few years.  In college, they were primarily driven by getting good grades, however now without that factor, they struggle to find a real source of motivation.

Zheng has been a software engineer for 8 years, changing jobs several times.  When she came to Integrative Leadership Strategies she had been at her current firm for the last year and a half.  She was feeling disconnected from her life resulting in a loss of motivation and lack of direction in her work.  She was looking for a way to create a space in her life to be able to be inspired and creative rather than deadline and anxiety driven. 

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Forming a New Team

How one onboards a team can be one of the most critical times to inspire motivated employees. Setting the right tone and expectations helps the team start off on the right foot and skirts any potential miscommunication issues.

Seth L., Founding Director Tutorpedia came to Integrative Leadership Strategies to have a customized workshop developed to effectively onboard his new team of tutoring leaders.  Seth was committed to creating an atmosphere of empowerment and alignment and he looked to Integrative Leadership Strategies to help.   Seth was ready to have his company start producing stronger results and his lead tutors were essential for this.

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