Living the Symbolic Life
One consistent way to improve your leadership is to find symbolic meaning in areas of your life where you might not be looking. Take something that’s happening to you, make an abstract summary of it, and see where else the metaphor applies in your life.

Three Aspects to Confidence
What makes someone confident? What do you see in someone when they seem confident? We all want confidence, but until we can articulate what it means to us, there’s no path to getting it. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Your degree of confidence is within your control. Ultimately, confidence is the feeling that we believe in ourselves enough to be authentic.

What I Learned at the Inner Journey
My work ranges from a highly strategic business focus to a highly personal, integrative, spiritual focus. Twice a year my mentor and I host a retreat called The Inner Journey which falls on the latter end of that spectrum, teaching about and offering time for finding the connection between spirituality and psychology.

Chest Bumping Led to America's Largest Environmental Disaster
Mike Williams survived the blowout on The Deepwater Horizon and he shared his story on 60 Minutes in May. What I found fascinating, in addition to how he survived, was his description of a catalyzing moment in the board room, just one of the many leadership mistakes that led to the disaster.

7 Ways to be a More Collaborative Leader
Many of us believe in collaborative principles, and some of us believe we operate according to those principles. But if we really stop and think: what does it mean to be collaborative, what arises? It’s a nebulous term that surfaces frequently but with little substance.

Simplify: How to cut the crap and make space for joy
To want to simplify does not mean to look down on the complex. It means to save the complex for when it’s important. If your mind is taxed on the areas above, it will be harder to think in an integrative, complex way at work.

Jigsaw Puzzles and Leadership
As my dad and I poured over our 1500-piece sailboat jigsaw puzzle one holiday break, the metaphors between what we were doing and true leadership ran continuously through my mind. I’m amazed at what paying attention to these metaphors can teach us about our own leadership qualities and how to run a team or business.

Speak Your Truth or Lie: How to Make Authenticity Comfortable
Great leadership requires that we stand for what we believe and speak our truth. We all know that physical feeling we get when we hold back on speaking our truth. Here are three simple ways to create an environment where speaking your truth is more comfortable.

Soft Skills are the Hardest
It's ironic that soft skills are labeled "soft" when they're the hardest leadership skills out there to master and execute. Find out why these skills are so hard, and how to get better at them.

How to Engage (and Keep) Your Young Workers
Many of the claims about Generation Y, the Millennials, are true. What is not true are the assumptions and reasoning behind the claims. Understand Gen Y so that you can keep them as a loyal ally.

Time Management 2.0
Mastering time management isn’t just about efficient scheduling and the latest mobile software.  Learn how those who really know how to manage their time see the solution.

How to Network Successfully as an Introvert
There's a myth out there that introverts are antisocial, boring people. That's not true. Learn how to actually enjoy networking by leveraging your strengths as an introvert.
Even if You’re Wrong, You’re Right
Everyone lives from their own perspective. Everyone likes to be right. These are both facts about human nature.

Your belief system is the backbone to how you experience the world. Your paradigm, or the lens through which you see the world, is driven by this belief system. It’s just what you know.

Specialist or Generalist: Which Are You and How Will it Affect Your Career Track?
People often get pressured into specializing in one or two fields, but some people just aren't meant to specialize. Generalists like looking at the bigger picture and seeing how all the pieces fit together. Find out if you're a specialist or generalist and what that might mean for your career.

Why Generation Y Won't Settle: The Twenties' Transition Requires Action, not Stability
Generation Y, or twenty-somethings, are currently entering the work force and driving employers a little crazy. Learn about what makes Gen Y tick in a career and why they're not going to give you loyalty for free.

The Power of Not Knowing: How Letting Go of Knowing Can Set Us Free
We live in a culture where knowing the answer is highly valued. Explore the idea of being comfortable in a place of uncertainty.

Five Steps to Stop Procrastinating
Here are some simple, direct action steps you can take to force yourself out of a procrastination work mode.

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