Integrative adj. serving to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole
We use a systems approach to helping your teams cooperate and communicate more effectively.

Leadership n. the capacity to guide or inspire toward a vision
We serve technical organization needing authentic leadership development that speaks their language.

Strategies n. comprehensive action plans for whatever situation might arise
We equip our clients with tools to carry them into the unforeseeable future, way beyond the contract's end.

Our mission is to create work environments of innovation, collaboration, and accountability. We aim to engage your staff and help them become personally invested in and aligned with your strategic goals. Our background in engineering helps us bring a unique approach that delves deeper into a workplace's high-level systemic symptoms. We look for how these symptoms show up at individual and team levels.

A big challenge for technical companies is maintaining morale and motivation. There can be a disconnect between daily tasks and the company's bigger mission. We coach on how to handle motivation issues so as to improve performance, especially when there is pressure to meet short-term deadlines and budget restraints.

With engineers, we help them align their individual interests with their work. We teach managers how to communicate with engineers that their work will prepare them for doing what they want in the future.

With managers, we focus on training them on how to earn their team's trust and confidence. Your company's biggest assets are your people. Our integrative approach can help you make the most of your investment in training by keeping your best engineers engaged while supporting their quality of life.

In this marketplace, it's critical to be innovative and think differently about how to get work done. Just finishing the work on time isn't enough to stand apart from your competition. If your company is looking for someone who understands your unique challenges as a technical organization and can offer sustainable solutions to your communication, leadership and strategic planning goals, contact us today.